[ The Magician ]Today is the energy of the Magician for me. I'll have this guys up and around me all day while I call upon and weave all the different elements around me to create what I've been carrying in my head and bring it down out of the clouds into the 3D realms.🌻☀️I also associate sunflowers with this energy too.  They need all the elements to grow and show us their big glorious Beautiful sunshine. Fire - the sun's energy to grow passionatelyWater - obviously to drink and nourishAir - to breathe and to grow a strong stalk from learning from being blown in the breeze and not be knocked overEarth - a solid foundation to grow fromAt the end of its life the sunflower looks down, sees it's self, and releases it's self and it's seeds to grow many new  flowers. What seeds are you working on that will be planted from your happiness, joy, excitement of creation? Who is going to be able to eat those delicious sunflower seeds and see their own magick growing inside from yours?See you in the Magicians magickally scientific elemental playground! 

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