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Join me February 13th, 2020 for:Intention.Communion.Creation.¬†These are the three basic steps we will be using to create your own oil candle infused with your energy - your essence of being aka your magic. This is the intention portion. What feelings would you wish to imbue into your candle to light your world up with while it burns and scatters out to the cosmos?Communion:There will be various herbs, spices, and flowers you will each intuitively choose and mix for your light. (Insert corny pun about your inner light shinning here ūü§£‚ú®) Guidence will be provided as well as descriptions of what each plant / spice spirit is traditionally used for. I think you'll find these plant spirts are excited to communicate to and with you! It's always so much fun to see what would like to work with you and your energtic being to create your light space.Creation:Together in this beautiful communion of energy, intention, and communion you create a beautiful, one of a kind, potient, oil lamp that radiates to the world what is unique to and for you ( and anyone else you might include)¬†Everytime it burns it invites in and brings you back to this energy.So whether you are creating a candle to set the mood for you and your lover, or re-restablish love and light for and with yourself, it will surely assist in igniting the fire passion within you to shine bright.Oil candles will be made in a heart shaped glass container.[ There will be a few extra supplies for those who wish to make more than one candle for an additional $10 each. I have found those who make these have a hard time making only one! It's so fun and they are soul beautiful. ]I am excited to see you there and be a part of the beauty you are about to create!

Love Light Floral & Herbal Oil Candle Making