30 minute fall photo sessions!


Each session will be approximately 30 minutes long in the metroparks. 


I do work in a photojournalistic style - Meaning in between those pinterest perfect poses - I take pictures of you acting the way you normally do to capture that special essence that you give off to the world on a daily basis. 

Immediately after we will sit down and go through the photos where you will pick your five favorites for me to edit. 


And! Your very favorite photo for me to have printed and framed canvas style in the 11x14 size for an extra $50 (if you choose! You can always add this option on at a later date! No sales pressure = very niiiice.)


Sometimes I even include bonus photos for you!


What are bonus photos you ask? 

Bonus photos are the photos that catch my eye as a photographer and an artist that I play around with and tweak. The resulting piece ends up as a piece of modern art.  (These are the types of photos I have been asked to put in galleries around town!) 


I work with both My Olympus mirrorless Camera and my cell phone.

I am only doing two sessions this Saturday! 

Flash Fall Photo Mini Sessions!