Each real Gemstone is hand chosen to create a special and unique pair of earings for you to vibe with!
Every pair is blessed with Reiki, Earth, & Source energy by moi. (Jump start and amp that glorious vibe your giving off  <3 !)
Because these are real gemstones colors in the set can and will vary. I do my very best to have them match as best as they can. Sometimes the stones even choose their partners! (How fun!)
I tune into the type of stone(s) you have chosen for purchase and ask them which set wants to & would love to work with you / whomever is receiving them. 
Smaller size STONES - for those who have a LOVE of all things as dainty as they can come (like me!). This size stone is gernally around 5 - 15 millimeters, which is the size of the backing plate the gemstone is affixed to.

 Studs are Stainless Steel.

Want to know more about Amazonite? Check this link!:


Amazonite Gemstone Stud Earrings

SKU: 00006
  • Even though the gemstones are affixed with super awesomely amazing Industrial Strength Adhesive, I would still recommend taking earrings off before showering or immersing in water.


  • I do not accept returns right now; however, I am willing to help accommodate your needs.


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