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Yesterday Venus glided "through" the Pleadiean Star system!

Okay, Crazy story time then time for... I guess these are like "energy forecasts" or something? 🤷‍♀️Embracing the reading from my teacher Jamie Vos Love - basically I'm an alien lmfao. #Notsurprised. All joking aside, I have a lot of galactic energy around me and this allows me to channel. So here I am! Doing the "thing". Sorry it's rough, but I wanted to get the info out quickly.

💫 Last night I was told to go outside and I'd know where to take pictures. (this was right from my porch in the suburb! Crazy sky energy happening here lately!)

💫I've only told my husband this so - let's roll! Crazy story time! For a few years now when I look up in the sky on clear nights I'm usually drawn to an area that has these tiny lights. They look like stars, but they move. The more you watch you can definitely see they are not just stars. Its like they are in a fluid net riding the cosmic waves. Sometimes they flash. Sometimes they will change color. They move around in the sky slowly. I used to joke around and call them my sky squids cause they move similar to how they do... but lately they've been keeping more of a triangular shape. To me, they have become kinda like a spirit animal lol I see them And I feel comforted.

💫Anyway... Sky Squids were RIGHT there by Venus! (lol I was honestly hoping that I'd get them on camera finally! But I need a better lens still.... ) Later Jay Googled to see what the constellation was.

💫 It was the first time I realized that Sky Squids might actually be a communion of different galactic energies/people. And! Because they are different energies/frequencies they have different colors that are being seen in the sky - different frequency bursts - just like us humans are a different energy signature than plants or animals. Or Even like the feel we get from other people - its like empathetic traits made visible.

💫 Last night it felt as one energy signature. My first official knowing introduction to The Pleiadians.


I had posted in my intuition learning group about solar flare (I'll post as a separate blog here. Hey future Mary, link here por favor!) The article was on our electromagnetic fields are being readjusted after the intense clearing of humanities energy that the Earth and it's creatures swept way and cleansed for us. (Which btw realigning our fields the way they are being right now would not have been able to happen so easily if it wasn't for the virus bringing up all our shit to be basically eaten and transmitted by Momma Earth.)

The Pleiadians were here working with the energy of Venus to lace Venus' loving energy (and other energies we don't recognize yet. by the end of the year we will know more about this. It's a key being given to us to use later to unlock New EArth Ascention Energy and it's being woven into those new Energetic fields and grids we call auras/tuarus and DNA)

💫 It is important to note that this was not for everyone yesterday. I twas not input into everyone's field. Mostly for the lightworkers and wayshowers that can hold this energy. again New EArth Ascenscion. It was, however, grided into EArth. And when those who are ready to receive this energy in their own time and free will can access it. (Lightworkers and wayshowers,etc all were asking for this and thus received it as the time is right and the frequency can be woven into our fields safely.)

This was also possible for Earth to aquire herself from the large Dinner that was the panick/scared/fear energy she composted from all of us earlier in the month.

Also important to note these new incoming energies exist all over at all times... If we truly wished we could tap into all of them to as many degrees as our HUmanness can carry and allow at the moment. - WE have so many false implants of what the HUman body is capable of. This is also apart of where we are headed.

💫 It was as if I was there. outside of The Squid. Next to venus and still attached to the Seven Sisters and still attached to EArth.

Had to google Seven Sisters:

[ The Pleiades star cluster – also known as the Seven Sisters or M45 – is visible from virtually every part of the globe. It can be seen from as far north as the North Pole, and farther south than the southernmost tip of South America. It looks like a tiny misty dipper of stars. ]

More about the Seven Sisters here: http://lucindariley.co.uk/myths-and-legends/

There were so many strands of different energy happening, (A new string theory lmfao) connecting,all the things, almost alive and making calculations calmly and lovingly although systematic. This was also connected to the EArth grID, to support us and keep that vibe up for us who have recieved it's energies and also for those to access later.


* Hello Past relationships with family, friends, exes and all the traumatic things we have been in! All those feeling you haven't let yourself feel and process the actual core of are going to be put right in your face. You might even purposely (Subconsciously) do something to blow shit up. Or an event will occur where you find you make a declaration to sever ties and move on.

* Reminiscing / romancing the past / that nostalgic feeling of past relationships will be popping up often. Do not push it down. Do not try to wave it off and ignore it as if it's a fly in your face. Feel it. Sit with it. Fucking Allow yourself to be in the Joy of it that you once were. Appreciate it. Thank it. Ask it if it has anything to show you. You most likely will be reminded of something you forgot. Feel free to go deeper. And when you feel a stillness with it say, "I release you from my code of the past to make room for and bring in the NUw." This might have to be done a few different times. This is deep shit. You are peeling layers until you are willing to go and get straight to the core root of the issue. The nucleated sphere.

* There will be a center of peace and calm we have never experienced so consistently before. the feeling of a loving appreciation of all things, situations, people.

You might even experience the feeling of "being as one" with nature. As if you are actually a part of that squirrel over there. That you can feel its energy and you might be able to know where its going to move next. almost as if you're talking to it. you're not crazy. You are actually feeling it's field and letting it feel yours. This occurs when in that center of peace and calm. Same with plants. Its as if you can feel what the sun feels like from the plants perspective. This is where you can take advantage and ask whatever it is you have connected with and ask it what it's medicine is? What relationship can we co-create? What can you teach us? What can I do for you?

* Sleep. sleep. Sleep. Rest whenever you can. Mother yourselves. This stuff is new. And it is tiring as we adjust on such vast quantum levels. Re-attuning ourselves to, well, ourselves. To be the connection we used to be.

Okay! Love you guys! This is the first time i've actually wrote all that was in my brain/given to me so I hope that was helpful and not "too crazy" 🤣😅 I'm off for a naaaapppppppp.


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