[ U N B U R Y  Y O U R S E L F ]

Expect the unexpected -> A Current life cycle phase (thanks ' The Pattern' App! It's amazeballs you guys check it out!)

I've been super introverted the last month.

I've been "working" on allowing myself to connect and merge with my intuition... And allow it to lead (scary because it's logically uncertain.)

It's just baby steps at the moment.

It's literally like re - building your life from the base up.

It's unfortunately not something most of us were taught and nourished with while growing up. "Starving artist syndrome" <- how I best relate to it.

Can you imagine a world where that is all our children know?: Living soley on leading with their intuition and using logic as a primal back up for when we need to run from the theoretical bear?

Where they are self assured. Confident.

Solid in their path, but light in their steps.

(Light as in consciousness.)


This is what the Greats meant by heal thyself and heal the world.

Can you imagine what a difference going through a day would be like?

I know I would love to have a day where I was in that... And all the people I encounter living the same.

How can you feel nothing but joy and ease and excitement for life well up from that thought?

It's freedom.

It's like the chains and shackles we have put on ourselves from viewing the world as it is (from our current perspective) just fall away like the never existed.

So. What is it that keeps us from ditching them? From reaching to the other halves of ourselves we have severed... The parts we have laid down and buried because we have decided at one point or another they were useless and harmful?

And harmful only because others did not understand us.

Harmful because not only did they not understand us, but by them not understanding us we questioned ourselves.

We severed our connections to ourselves and gave them our power In that instant.

We harmed ourselves... Let's un - bury ourselves, yeah?

Come take baby steps with me.

Today, for me, that meant opening the Tarot I had opened only once. Not reading about the cards. Not reading on what spreads are suggested.

Allowing the cards to go where they wanted.

And I received this: A realtionship spread.

Two halves (people) and the center the beautiful flowers that could be grown in our love garden.

You would have thought I had just written new 'wedding' vows. It certainly felt like it while I was reading. Except they are more. Way more than I ever could have imagined or dreamed of almost ten years ago now, when we first said "I do."

Both of us have grown so so much since then.

It's time for us to till up the old garden beds.

It's time to plant new flowers and trees and all the lovelies that give life. Just like the new year.

It's time to allow us to expect the unexpected.

Follow your intuition.

Plant that seed.

Allow yourself to water it.

Crawl on over.

Pretty soon we will all be running before we know it.

Running into the world of gorgeous gardens of lives that are trodden with paths walked light - with consciousness being the way of the world.

Into the world we just conjured and therefore laid the solidity for our children.

Expect it.

Expect it because it is unexpected.

The best things are those we cannot dream because they are so much more than our logic can calculate.

With Joy, Love, and Light



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