[ D I S G U I S E S ] a poem

Sometimes I'm really good at disguises…

Like the ones I put on objects I feel the need to put in a "safe place" .. And then cannot remember where that "safe place" is.

Disguises I use to put on my brain to make myself forget - in order to protect what I feel needs to be safe.

Needs to be not found nor seen by others - because it's forgotten.

Forgotten like myself.

Pushing myself away from others by believing I have disguised myself so well no one remembers my face let alone my name.

My disguise, my safe place, is my disconnection with reality. My creation of cutting off what could be.

That I am still behaving like that little girl in the corner who was afraid to be too noticed. Too judged. Simply because it was too


Despite the desperate inner lust to magically change the world…

This safe place is no longer safe when it's riddled and racked with such disease of distortion.


It's time to move into a new safe place.

It's time to stop acting as if I am unknown, discarded, useless - forgettable.

The new, uniquely blueprinted, world changing home foundations have been built...

But the trick is, can I find where I put Her to move?


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