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What Happens When I Do Me:

My entire life, my being has vibrated with elation when I pick up something that taps into creativity. Photography is one of my favourite mediums to work with. There is a beautiful dance of intuition and artistry that starts flowing to and from me, especially when I pick up my camera. 

It's a form of spiritual practice for me - A sort of moving meditation.  I photograph those things that give me pause. Those moments where the world reveals its little secrets to us. The things that spark wonderment within us, which literally shift you into being in the moment - present with the multi dimensional reality of what is. 

The dimensions of magick that we do not always see or give time to appreciate their beauty.

Nature was my first model - My first and longtime lover. As of late, the complexity of humanness (that I had been shying away from) has been revealing amazing worlds of tantric embodiment. The beauty of being. The energetic communion within us - so many different lights and shades of being brought forth for the world to see all because we (as artists) choose to pick up our art and freeze a moment in time and share it with the world. It's such an honour to be a part of it.

It's always so amazing to me -sacred -when I am recognized for the spirit that flows through the process and final works. 

I am Mary Ford.

An International, Award winning Intuitive Artist. 

Living a Soul Colourful life.

Please. Come play with me On this Vibrant Adventure we call life.

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